Nestled within the charming Cotswold village, The Cotswold Christmas Shop beckons with its whimsical wonder. The heart of the shop, the enchanting Gonk barn, is a realm of pure Christmas magic. Every Gonk residing here has a unique tale to tell, and one of them stands out with an extraordinary story.

Meet Polly, the kindest Gonk in the barn. Her crimson hat perches perfectly atop her head, and her eyes sparkle with warmth. But what truly sets Polly apart is her remarkable ability to make wishes come true. Every year, children from far and wide come to the shop, whispering their deepest Christmas wishes into Polly’s fluffy ears. And, more often than not, those wishes do come true, thanks to Polly’s magical touch.

Polly’s story embodies the spirit of Christmas that dwells in the Cotswold Christmas Shop. She serves as a symbol of the magic and hope that fills this beloved holiday haven. So, when you step into the Gonk barn, take a moment to share your own Christmas wishes with Polly, and who knows, with her touch, your dreams might just become a reality. The Cotswold Christmas Shop and its Gonk barn are not just places for shopping but spaces for making cherished memories, where the magic of the season is woven into every tale and Gonk that calls it home.

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